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🌍 No more plastics 🌍

Whilst you may all have loved receiving happy post in our old groovy purple flower power packaging - it was unfortunately plastic 😔 'recyclable plastic' but still plastic so it has been a high priority to change to a more eco friendly alternative for some time.⁠

As a small business though monitoring costs and keeping costs to a minimum is crucial for long term sustainability and it has meant it has taken extensive research to come up with something that was affordable (ie NOT 5x more expensive than standard cost) and worthy of the change. ⁠

Degradable still isn't perfect with all the chemicals that have to be used in production to make them degradable and they will take some weeks to break down so I'm MEGA pleased to announce these new bad boys....⁠

Not only COMPOSTABLE in your compost bin at home but also REUSABLE with a double strip to reseal if you choose to reuse. Don't want to reuse? Then use to line your compost caddy! ⁠

We'd love your feedback when you start receiving your orders in these 🙏⁠
No more plastics from Groovy Baby 🙌🌍💚⁠

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