WE ARE STILL OPEN! Groovy Baby is a small family run business and we continue to operate whilst it is considered safe to do so. Post office drops are limited to Monday’s and Thursday’s. Gift vouchers are now available and ‘holding orders’ is an option. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Thanks so much for all your orders since the Maxomorra launch last week💜
It’s a scary time for any small biz right now and I’m so thankful you’re all keeping Groovy Baby ticking over. I'm working on lots of things in the background so keep your eyes peeled over the coming days and weeks for offers and giveaways. Xxx
I've extended our launch offers due to our subscriber email going out late (if you’re not seeing our emails I suggest registering again on the website! GDPR thang that came into place a while back means that some 250 of you that have signed up don’t get our emails! Sadly I just didn’t have the head space back when the deadline came to do anything about it😔)
So these offers have now been extended to Friday 3rd April… down to one remaining coaster and just a few trays so no messing if you want those!…..
This applies to ALL Maxomorra not just new season:
- Spend £30+ add a FREE bib of your choice, use code BIB at checkout
- Spend £40+ add a FREE daisy coaster to your basket, use code COASTER at checkout
- Spend £70+ add a FREE daisy tray to your basket, use code TRAY
- Spend £100+ add a FREE coaster AND tray, use code TRAYANDCOASTER
Full Maxomorra range: https://groovy-baby.co.uk/collections/maxomorra
(filter by garment, last few seasons or by SALE)
Happy shopping! 💜🍄🌼

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