WE ARE STILL OPEN! Groovy Baby is a small family run business and we continue to operate whilst it is considered safe to do so. Post office drops are limited to Monday’s and Thursday’s. Gift vouchers are now available and ‘holding orders’ is an option. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Last one of these little pinafores and last couple of tops though I’ve a few random bits to upload this week (hoping tomorrow it will be done) so worth checking back for another size or messaging to enquire…..


Pinafore: https://groovy-baby.co.uk/collections/alba-of-denmark/products/alba-of-denmark-ss20124

Top: https://groovy-baby.co.uk/products/alba-of-denmark-ss20115?_pos=3&_sid=0a2f4734f&_ss=r


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