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Green....glorious green...💚💚💚

Green….glorious green…big, BIG love for green here at Groovy Baby 💚

And pink and green what a combo 💚

My daughter loves to wear this Alba of Denmark hoody with her already well worn and loved denim look trumpet pants – she says ‘the cosiest and coolest outfit’! Her words not mine☺💚

If you’re lucky enough to need size 9-10 then it also looks amazing with our last remaining pair of Haniella leggings which are in the sale a snip at £11 💚

And if you’re size 10 adult you’ll be able to fit in 152 our biggest size Hoody…

Sold out on the website but more on the way so watch this space! 💜✌🏻💜 

Habian Hood: https://groovy-baby.co.uk/products/alba-of-denmark-aw19108?_pos=1&_sid=92f57b996&_ss=r


Haniella leggings: https://groovy-baby.co.uk/products/alba-of-denmark-119?_pos=1&_sid=291a2e2d3&_ss=r


Trumpet pants: https://groovy-baby.co.uk/products/alba-of-denmark-aw19107?_pos=1&_sid=ab74cf9d1&_ss=r

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