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Southend Emergency Fund 💛💛💛


We at Groovy Baby have just taken on a role as Ambassador to the Southend Emergency Fund (SEF).

People who were in need before this pandemic landed on us all have been hit hard. These guys at SEF are helping a lot of people throughout our community and working with various charities including food banks and the soup kitchen and the key thing here is that they are getting help quickly to those that need it most.

As a child you don’t choose to live in poverty, you don’t have a choice. This was the catalyst for us wanting to be a part of what these guys are doing. We know there are a lot of charities asking at the moment and there is a lot of fundraising happening but please do donate even just a couple of pounds if you are able. Donate via the website link below.

We’ll be trying to raise a few ££ ourselves so watch this space for more details.

Read all about what Southend Emergency Fund and are doing, and maybe donate a few pennies here, thank you:


Chrissy xx

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