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So now things have calmed a little after the madness of last week it’s time to start highlighting some of the awesomeness that we have in stock!!

I’m starting off with these Alba ‘trumpet pants’ because I’ve not seen enough love for these!!

This is my girls second pair now, this seasons are in a thick denim look jersey and they have the perfect kick-flare on them.

They’re warm, cosy, look freaking awesome and go with EVERYTHING!!! Oh and they have pockets!! Most importantly SHE LOVES THEM! My photo doesn’t really capture the flare so you can see the flare in the stock photo on the wesbite.

T shirt – models own😁from Four Wheel Plank Club, more on them later! But yes she will also vouch that they are great for skateboarding😆


Find the pants here: https://groovy-baby.co.uk/products/alba-of-denmark-aw19107?_pos=1&_sid=ed633bb16&_ss=r


Leigh Road, Leigh-on-Sea

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