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BEAN & BOY Ylang Ylang & Palmarosa | Safety Assessed and Certified 100% Natural Vegan Handmade Soap (Cold Process) | Handmade from Natural Ingredients

BEAN & BOY Ylang Ylang & Palmarosa | Safety Assessed and Certified 100% Natural Vegan Handmade Soap (Cold Process) | Handmade from Natural Ingredients

Bean & Boy

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Our Ylang Ylang & Palmarosa Soap is a celebration of sweet-smelling florals, boasting a blend of ylang ylang and palmarosa essential oils wrapped up in our signature family recipe of skin-loving ingredients including avocado oil and shea butter. It's a delightfully uplifting scent that will fill your bathroom with hints of jasmine.

Ylang Ylang essential oil is a sweet and uplifting scent, widely believed to be an antidepressant and a relaxant. It's the perfect chill out partner to Palmarosa essential oil, favoured by aromatherapists for its calming and uplifting properties.

Each Ylang Ylang & Palmarosa bar of soap is a two-tone layered soap, with a light cream layer supporting a mottled grey purple layer that is dotted throughout with a galaxy-esque tumble of ground alkanet root. Alkanet root is said to soothe irritated skin, which makes it a brilliant addition to our all-natural soap. Choose the side you want to use, or use them together all over for an exfoliating scrub and moisturising finish.

Our soaps have all been safety assessed and certified as safe by an independent toxicologist, chemist and scientist. NOTHING ARTIFICIAL: NO preservatives, additives, fragrances, parabens, SLS.

We use the finest natural ingredients that are full of essential vitamins and minerals to help boost the skin’s natural balance. Our ingredients are kind to even the most sensitive of skin, helping soothe, protect and nourish. Our ingredients are all-natural, ethically-sourced and vegan.

ONLY THE GOOD STUFF: vitamin-rich avocado oil, moisturising shea butter, cleansing castor oil, vitamin-rich olive oil. restorative coconut oil and Vitamin-E packed responsibly-sourced palm oil, ylang ylang essential oil, palmarosa essential oil and ground alkanet root.

Our handmade Ylang Ylang & Palmarosa Soap has a pale and creamy olive colour beneath a layer of purple and grey dotted soap. Because each traditional soap bar is made entirely by hand, soap colour and shape vary slightly from bar to bar. They are completely natural: traditionally made, rough cut, cured for six weeks or more, and hand packaged in brown paper to order.

Each bar weighs a minimum of 110g, a great family soap bar size.

Child Sizes

 Age Maxomorra (or any dual sizing) Duns, Alba (or any single sizing)
0-6m 50-56, 62-68 44, 50, 56, 62, 68
6-12m 74-80 68, 74, 80
1-2 yrs 86-92 80, 86, 92
3-4 yrs 98-104 98, 104
5-6 yrs 110-116 110, 116
7-8 yrs 122-128 122, 128
9-10 yrs 134-140 134, 140
11-12 yrs 146, 152
13+ yrs 158, 164